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Meet our Clients

Clift & Co. is a distributed network of colleagues who are each specialists in their own rights. Together they hand-pick the projects that they are willing to take on together--each person bringing a special piece to the puzzle. It generally begins with a spark--a client whose vision of the world we want to be a part of, a social issue that will help humanity evolve, or a technology that we envision changing the world for the better. And then, we get to work--fast, furious, but calculated. We leverage our diversity of skillsets and bi-partisan relationships to get the results.



Filament is building a secure communication platform that operates in distributed environments. Their devices, called Taps, are designed to operate without existing cellular or Wi-Fi networks, and instead deploy a private mesh LPWAN network using LoRa radios. Taps are designed for connecting legacy infrastructure and monitoring industrial environments where privacy and security are mission-critical necessities: oil refineries, airports, hospitals, factories, etc. They can also independently process bitcoin-based payments and enforce digital smart contracts.