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Sustainable first-and last-mile transportation in Nevada.

Lime is founded on the simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility. Washoe County, Reno, Sparks, the Reno Sparks Indian Colony (RISC), and University of Nevada Reno were entertaining the concept of bringing a bike-share company to the area, benefiting the community as a whole, bringing in new business and ease of access to the community.  

Through fostering community relations and involving the right people, we were able to elevate the Reno-Sparks community in terms of embracing new technology and creating cyclist-friendly policies including the Center Street Cycle Track (RTC), and an exclusive contract with Lime to provide a dockless bike-share program with the City of Reno and Sparks. With each of these initiatives, we are able to kick off a push to a safer, more bike-friendly city through policy, awareness, and building bridges amongst the five stakeholders.